Learn to Row


  • Want to find a new way to become motivated & increase your fitness whilst sitting down?
  • Would you like the opportunity to try something different and meet new people?
  • Ever wondered what it’s like to glide down a river… in the dark…backwards?

Rowing is an excellent low impact cardiovascular workout for the body.

In this short rowing course you will learn about rowing technique, learn boat handling skills, river rules and discover the joys of rowing as a crew on the scenic Canning River. This course will equip you with a beginning knowledge of rowing.

The LTR course is run from 7am-8.30am over 5 consecutive Saturdays, the cost is $160.

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What you need

  • an alarm 
  • the drive to master a new & challenging sport
  • the force

There's a reason you see rowers wearing those unflattering tight rowing suits - loose clothing is a hazard! Loose shorts will get caught in the seat as it slides back and forth, and loose shirts can sometimes snag the oar handle as it comes close to your body. This doesn't mean you need absolutely skin tight clothing, or that you need to run out and buy anything special - just try to wear snug fitting shorts and top. Bicycle-type shorts and a relatively close-fitting T-shirt are ideal.

Wear your sports shoes for the first session as we will use the ergo to teach you some technique.

Be sure to bring a water bottle…it's thirsty work!